A siphonic roof drainage system without the risk of static electricity

Dishman, Veenendaal

In October 2013, Dishman, an outsourcing partner for pharmaceutical companies, in Veenendaal, the Netherlands finalised the construction of a production plant for the processing of wool grease.

Dishman is active in the marketing, sales and manufacture of vitamin D analogues, vitamin D, cholesterol and lanolin related products for key markets, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, feed, food, shrimp farming and industry applications. 

Operations Manager Mr Mark Ipema of Dishman needed a drainage system that could be earthed in order to prevent the build-up of static electricity – a possibility that plastic systems do not offer.

Earthening of pipes is very important in cases where there is a possible danger of ignition of gases.

Dishman wanted to comply with the ATEX directives. The ATEX directives are applicable to all places where there is a risk of explosions.

Rob Ten Broeke, Director of the company Ten Broeke Kunststof Leidingen in Groenlo proposed a stainless steel BLÜCHER drainage system.

The installer RATEC Installatietechniek, based in Ede, installed the entire system in about half the time it would have taken to install a traditional plastic system. Mr Spencer Hellegering, Director of RATEC Installatietechniek, was very satisfied with the system and the result.

The drainage system in the 10-meter high building provides an aesthetic finish as well as an outstanding performance.

The siphonic drainage system is composed of pipes, fittings and four roof drains, type 401.204.040 – more than enough to handle specified rate of rainfall.

Project facts
Owner: Dishman Netherlands B.V.
Advisor: Ten Broeke Technische Groothandel
Installer: RATEC Installatietechniek
Products: 40 and 50 mm BLÜCHER® EuroPipe, bends and BLÜCHER® Drain Roof siphonic roof drains
Installation time: 1 day
Location: Veenendaal, the Netherlands


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